Adult Figure Skating


As Adult Skaters, we have different needs from the child skater and the “Elite Skater” Our needs are around support and validation of the enormous contribution we can, and do give to the sport. By supporting each other and celebrating our achievements, I feel we can encourage others to acknowledge the huge role Adults play in Figure Skating. 

Adult Skaters have many and varied needs. I personally feel the following are most important: 

  • Adult Friendly Figure and Public sessions 
  • Supportive Coaches who are genuinely interested in the growth of Adult Skating, both as a recreational pastime and a legitimate and valid part of the sport competitively 
  • Supportive Peak Sporting Bodies who validate Adult / Masters Skating as a legitimate part of the sport. 
  • Validating the fact that for some adults, skating is a social outlet that contributes towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle 

So join with me in celebrating Adult Skating with our new website that I hope will be a small step in the right direction for Adult Skating in Australia and New Zealand. 

-Brooke Crawford